Our Methods


These are tiny 3mm silicone lined copper rings which clamp the hair extension in place. These individual extensions are easy to manage and your hair can be put up with ease


Instead of applying individual hair extensions the micro ring weft method allows the hair to be attached in large strips by micro rings. This method can last up to 6 weeks until it will need to be repositioned and the hair can be re used. This method is very useful if you are not looking to have extensions long term


Micro rings is a safe method that is free from any heat, glue and braiding. Micro rings are small rings that securely clamp the extensions onto the natural hair. Micro rings can last up to 5 months with the correct aftercare.


Pre bonded hair is designed for durability. You can wash, brush, style, swim and just about anything without the fear of the extensions falling out. The bonds are not harmful to your natural hair as they are keratin bonds so they are gentle. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to fit a full head of hair extensions and they can last up to 6 months + with the correct aftercare.